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Attorney Profile
  • Thirteen years of experience as a Superior Court trial/litigation attorney including:
    • Jury trials including but not limited to first degree armed robbery and car jacking
    • Received a 15 minute Not Guilty verdict on first degree armed robbery
    • Dismissals after successfully challenging the lawfulness of police search and seizure
    • Planning, implementing and supervising, in the defense role, the first Monmouth County Drug Court
    • Planning, implementing and maintaining, in the defense role, the first Monmouth County Pre-Indictment Court
    • Received a certificate of appreciation from Depression after Delivery, a non-profit group supporting sufferers of post-partum depression after zealously representing a defendant who suffered from post-partum and shot her boyfriend's lover
    • Invited to speak at a panel at Division of Developmentally Disabled training in New Brunswick for zealous advocacy of the developmentally disabled
  • Associate at Waldman, Moriarty and Halfacre, Red Bank, NJ
    • Handled matters in various areas of the law including: divorce, municipal utilities law, bankruptcy law, personal injury and worker's compensation
    • Worked for Daniel Waldman, Judge of the Superior Court, Monmouth County, NJ, Charles Moriarty and Michael Halfacre
  • Law Clerk to the Honorable Vincent E. Hull, retired Judge of the Superior Court, Criminal Division, Monmouth County, NJ

Academic Achievements

  • Ad Junct Professor, Monmouth Univerity, West Long Branch, NJ
    • Instruct the Law of Evidence
  • Graduate of Widener University School of Law, Wilmington, DE
    • Magna Cum Laude
    • Graduated 6th out of 289 students
    • Received Certificate of Achievement (best score in class) for Secured Transactions, Federal Income Tax and Equal Protection Law
    • Competed at the national level in Trial Competition sponsored by the American Bar Association
    • Instructed classes in core courses for students in academic difficulty
    • Published author "Statutory Immunity for Volunteer Physicians: a Vehicle for Reaffirmation of the Doctor's Beneficent Duties- Absent the Rights Talk"
  • Graduate Drew University, Madison, NJ

John Brown Esquire, LLC
954 Rte. 166
Toms River, NJ 08753
(732) 505-4958

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